The St Francis Paddling Club was established in 2011 in order to promote the sport in St Francis

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Time Trials every Wednesday 17H30 The Quays, 15 Sea Glades Drive

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With safe, sheltered paddling in the canals, long river paddles available up the Kromme River (navigable for 14km), and the usually calm sea in the bay, St Francis is a paddler’s mecca. On top of this are the world-class downwind to JBay and Oyster Bay for the more adventurous.In May 2006 we organised a surfski race, our first mid-year race in the ‘new’ era. It was a great success in huge conditions! In 2007 we started the Easter ‘king of the kromme’, and the canals winter challenge, now two long term fixtures on the calendar. There were also various other less regular races, eg downwinds to jbay.